Our passion for craft beverages is matched only by our technical expertise developing easy to use collaborative tools.


Enable new shared experiences, promote people’s creativity, and support entrepreneurs

At PivoHub, we want to help brewers, distributors, and retailers benefit from a connected-digital ecosystem to maximize the market penetration of craft beverages.

We believe that by collaborating better, everybody wins. We wish to strengthen the industry to preserve its autonomy and enable consumers to benefit from a vast quantity of unique products.

Sean Cullen

Chief Executive Officer
Sean orchestrates all functional areas and oversees the growth of PivoHub. When not working, Sean can be found swimming with or without great company and succulent beverages.

Christopher Grégoire

Chief Commercial Officer
Chris oversees PivoHub's demand generation. An ex-paramedic, Chris loves getting to know people and solving their problems. Chris is single-handedly trying to repopulate the Earth with his four beautiful children.

Mathieu Gagnon

Chief Operating Officer
Matt ensures the smooth operations of PivoHub. At the front line, Matt is in tune with what customers need and uses his knowledge to guide the evolution of the product. Matt is a beer-geek and phenomenal home-brewer.

Nicolas Degardin

Chief Product Officer
Nico assures seamless experience between user and product. Despite his strong background in devops, he also deeply cares about offering easy to use software. When he's not coding or complaining, Nico is a devoted father and husband.

Sébastien De Saint-Florent

Chief Technology Officer
Seb leads the technical roadmap and oversees software architecture. His deep knowledge and experience guide the technological evolution of PivoHub. Seb takes care of his four wonderful children, and God takes care of Seb.

People deserve to discover the story of a human industry that cares about its craft.

We're all about craft beverages; our original love for craft beer and micro-distillery spirits continuously expands with the discovery of your unique products - from alcoholized kombucha to ice cider. We've experienced first-hand how hard it is to brew, distribute, and resell successfully. That's why we built PivoHub, to help you focus on what matters - innovating and producing wonderful beverages. We believe that through better collaboration, more people can discover your quality products and the industry as a whole can grow together.

PivoHub provides powerful and simple software to create a digital ecosystem that connects, organizes, and equips the craft beverage industry.
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